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We specialise in restumping and fixing the base of your house in Sydney. We understand how vital a strong base is for your home. We’re here to provide high-quality restumping Sydney services. We will give your home a strong foundation and longevity. Call us, mate, and we’ll sort it out for you.

What is Restumping Sydney Service?

Base fixing, also known as restumping, strengthens the supports under your house. Over time, these supports can weaken because of water and bugs. These stumps can get old; if we don’t fix them, your house can become uneven and unsafe. So, restumping is when we put new, sturdy stumps in place to keep your house level and secure. We use special equipment to lift the house and relieve pressure on the old stumps.

Restumping Sydney

Benefits of Restumping

Restumping your house has several benefits:

Enhanced Safety:

A stable foundation means your home is safer. It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries caused by uneven floors or structural issues.

Prevent Further Damage:

If the existing stumps are weak or damaged, not restumping can lead to more extensive and expensive problems. Restumping Sydney helps prevent additional damage to your home.

Compliance with Building Codes:

Restumping can bring your home up to modern building codes and standards, which is important for renovations or selling your property.

Structural Stability:

Restumping ensures your home has a strong and stable foundation. It prevents your house from sinking or becoming uneven.

Pest Prevention:

Restumping with durable materials like concrete or steel can deter pests, such as termites, which can damage wooden stumps.

More Comfortable Living:

Restumping evens out your floors, so your doors and windows fit better, and you won’t notice chilly drafts. This means your home becomes a cosier and more pleasant place to live.

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Why Hire Us for Restumping Services in Sydney

Here is why you should hire us for restumping services in Sydney.

We Know What We're Doing:

We have years of experience in restumping in Sydney. We know the local conditions and challenges, which helps us do the job right.

Local Knowledge:

We understand the specific needs of homes in Sydney, including the soil and weather conditions. This local knowledge enables us to provide solutions tailored to your property.


We are well-versed in Sydney's building regulations and standards. You can trust that our work will meet all local requirements.

Quality Work:

We use top-quality materials and techniques to ensure your house's strong and stable foundation. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. We're dedicated to ensuring you're happy with the results and that your home is secure.

Licensed and Insured:

We are a licensed and insured company, providing peace of mind that you work with a reputable and responsible team.

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